Originally posted May 20, 2004

front Title: Morgana
Tagline: Seduce Conquer Destroy
Rating: R
Running time: 80 minutes
Writer: Peter O’Keefe, Kenneth J. Hall, Matthew Jason Walsh
Director: Ellen Cabot
Producer: Karen Spencer
Stars: Julie Strain (Illyana), Michelle Bauer (Amanda Blackwell), Joe Estevez (Carl Bibbs), Monique Parent (Viva), Jason Clow (Pluto), Raelyn Saalman (Angie)
Sub-genre: Erotic
Quick vote: bad

The plot according to me: A young woman looking to break into the entertainment business ends up with a group of vampires that has lots of sex.

Vampiristics: A few main vampiresses and bunch of minor vamps. Decent fang shots, but that’s about it.

Vampire Pictures
Illyana, the head vampiress Angie, a young woman looking to be a star.

My opinion on the movie: While the concept is not very original, the movie had the potential to be an above average erotic vampire movie. It had nice sets, decent erotic scenes, and cool looking scenes at any given point in time. The downfall of the movie is the acting (while not all bad, there was enough bad acting to distract me from enjoying the film) and the special effects. Now, as many know, I have no problem with low budget special effects, but the transformations in particular were really bad in that you can see the camera stop and then start again when the vampire put their fangs in. There’s nothing wrong with showing a vampire’s transformation, but if you can’t do it seamlessly, there’s no harm in doing it off camera.

There are plenty of worse erotic vampire movies, but considering what it could have been, this definitely belongs on the “bad” list. I would only recommend this movie if you care more about the erotic half than the vampire half.

Disc essentials:

Video: 1.33:1
Language: English

Special features: none

My opinion on the disc:While the picture is nothing to complain about, the sound is pretty bad. It sounds as if the actors are at a distance. It’s especially noticeable at the start of the movie, but gets less distracting as it goes on.

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