Title: Dracula The Dark Prince  Dracula The Dark Prince
Tagline: More Vicious than the Myth
Rating: R
Running time: 89 minutes
Writer: Tom Baum
Director: Joe Chappelle
Producer: Butch Kaplan
Stars: Rudolf Martin (Vlad Dracula), Jane March (Lidia), Peter Weller (Father Stefan), Roger Daltry (King Janos)
Sub-genre: Historic
Quick vote: a decent look at the life of Vlad

The plot according to me: The story of Vlad Dracula’s rise and fall from the leadership of Romania.

Vampiristics: The man that was the inspiration for Count Dracula.

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Dracula The Dark Prince

My opinion on the movie: The movie is presented in the format of Vlad Dracula telling the story to a panel of holy men who accuse him of denouncing his religion in the favor of Catholicism. This is not an ideal situation, but once the story gets going they do not show the «present» time too often, so it’s not all that bad. Now, this is supposed to be a true story, and while I know enough to say that the basic premise is based on real life, I cannot say how many of the details are historically accurate. In fact, there are a few scenes (most notibly the ending) that seem as if they were written in just because he is, in fact, Dracula.

Historical accuracy aside, the movie is an entertaining little film. Of course, there’s very little vampire content (it’s a big stretch even calling it a vampire movie) but the Dracula that is portrayed goes to extremes to induce fear in his enemies making for some freightenling nice scenes. I kind of wish this was a mini-series as opposed to made for TV movie as there seemed that there could be more story to tell, but until a better telling of the life of Vlad Dracula comes along, I think this is worth a watch for those who want to know the man behind the vampiric legend.

Disc essentials:

Video: 1.33:1
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish

Special features: gallery

My opinion on the disc: Good quality audio and video. Not much to say about them.

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