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  1. ROZon:

    Important news — Last signup, ever!! Hurry!! @ 2011-10-19 11:05:34 (1 day ago)
    October will be the last month to sign up for a membership here — ever

    OK, I realize this might come as a bit of a shock, but the time has come to close the doors for good. The torrent world has now had 4+ years to understand where the true p2p and 100 % non profit TV-torrent site is located, and that’s more than enough time for everyone to make a decision.

    As a result of these 4 years TvTz is now a community filled with dedicated TV-loving ppl, sharing TV-experiences and helping each other with all sorts of things. Together with the BIG virtual HDD vision we’ve always wanted to keep the «club» feeling, knowing that as long as we stay together we can make jumps to other technologies (if necessary) without loosing any of our visions and accomplishments.

    To fulfill the plan that was laid out by PH more than 4 years ago we will therefore now close the doors for good, which if you think about it really only is the last step of a 4 year long transformation from a torrent site into a TV club for comrades. Please note that this is not about shutting anyone out, because we’ve been more or less open for 4 years (!), and anyone with a reasonably stable connection has been able to join and maintain a membership here. This final step is all about creating the best possible sharing environment that we all deserve!

    Starting from November 1st it will not be possible to get an account here. No invites, no signup links, nothing. Ever! So please hurry and make sure you get everyone you think would be a good member on board! And do it now! In November it will be too late!

    The normal signup page will not work, instead you’ll have to send them this special signup link:

    Last but not least, my apologies to staff for keeping you in the dark on this as well. This last step was not due for another year (following the original 5-year plan by PH), but for different reasons I really needed to push this forward ahead of schedule. And that unfortunately meant I could not inform you like I wanted to. Sorry about that!

    Obviously this had to be kept a secret for the whole world for a long long time though, to make sure all true TV-lovers and really good members out there would have plenty of time (4 years should be enough) to start an account and get a good membership going. You know who you are because you are reading this now.

    Thank you all for being a valuable part of the best TV-torrent community in the world!!

  2. KisZero:

    Гран-мерси! Walking dead уже струится :

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